Orange Global Olympiad Result 2019 Of Math Science English Hindi Cyber Astronomy

Orange Global Olympiad Result 2019 Of Mathematics, Science, English, Hindi, Cyber, Astronomy, Stem Education, Junior Finance Olympiads Set 1 Set 2. The Orange Education is organizaing this Olympiad in the above said regions. Students across the nation who have completed the respective Olympiads in the month of November 2019 can access this OGO Olympiad Results shortly. Students who have completed the State Level Examination and National Level Examination can access the results of the Olympiad shortly.

Orange Global Olympiad Result 2019

All the examinations are Audio Visual Based. Students have completed this examination in the respective schools. So these schools will also receive a copy of the OGO Olympiad Results 2019

The SLE Exams are completed in November 2019 and NLE Examinations are completed in December 2019. So respectively this Orange Global Olympiad Result 2019 are going to be available for these students. Expect the Stem Education OGO Olympiad all other olympiads are available for students from 06th to 08th. The stem education ogo is for students from 03rd to 08th.

OGO Olympiad Results of State Level (SLE) National Level (NLE) Exams 2019

Form the website of the organization results 2019 for the SLE and NLE Exams are going to be available soon after the completion of the examinations.

The Orange Global Olympiads Offered are

Mathematics Orange Global Olympiad (OGO Mathematics)

Science Orange Global Olympiad (OGO Science)

English Orange Global Olympiad (OGO English)

Hindi Orange Global Olympiad (OGO Hindi)

Cyber Orange Global Olympiad (OGO Cyber)

Astronomy Orange Global Olympiad (OGO Astronomy)

Stem Education Orange Global Olympiad (OGO Stem Education)

Junior Finance Orange Global Olympiad (OGO Junior Finance)

How to download OGO Olympiad Results Set 1 Set 2 2019

Students from 03rd 04th 5th 6th 7th 8th classes will have the facility for the download of the OGO Olympiad Results 2019 only from the website of the institution.

To visit this website you can Click Here

From the Latest Update section, you can check the update on the Orange Global Olympiad Result Set 1 2 Exams 2019.

If you have any update, then click on the respective link and enter the essential information for the download of this Result.

Rewards and Recognition:

State Level Examination 

SLE Class Toppers in each subject, in each class and in each school, are awarded Medals and Rank Certificates.

Rank 1 – Gold Medal and Rank Certificate

Rank 2 – Silver Medal and Rank Certificate

and Rank 3 – Bronze Medal and Rank Certificate

Rest all students are awarded SLE Participation Certificates.

The top-performing student across all classes and subjects in each school is awarded a School Topper Certificate and a Gift voucher worth Rs. 1000

Orange Global Olympiad National Level Examination

The top-performing students in NLE, in each subject and in each class across the nation are awarded Medals, Rank Certificates, Cash Prizes, and Gifts

Rank 1 – Trip to Singapore (or cash prize Rs. 50,000), Gold Medal & Rank Certificate

Rank 2 – Trip to Dubai (or cash prize Rs. 40,000), Silver Medal & Rank Certificate

Rank 3 – Laptop (or cash prize Rs. 30,000), Bronze Medal & Rank Certificate

Rank4 – iPhone (or cash prize Rs. 25,000) & Participation Certificate

Rank 5 – iPad (or cash prize Rs. 20,000) & Participation Certificate

Other rank holders (Ranks 6 – 10) will have consolation prizes.

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